Monday, February 26, 2007

Update Winter Equestrian Festival 2007

It is late February 2007, and the WCHR Hunter week at WEF has just ended. Most of the juniors from Beacon Hill participated in either the equitation and/ or the hunters and all in all we had a good show. After several weeks of competition, the jumpers were given a well deserved weekend off .

I Toon (barn name, Belle) is the mare I've been privileged to show in the equitation since the end of January. Belle is a young horse with a great mind and a lot of talent but she is new to the show ring and the equitation division in general. She made some great progress this weekend and I'm really proud of the way she is coming along. Since young horses acquire new skills at their own unique and individual rate, the rider's patience and understanding during the process is very important. In my opinion, the greatest reward comes from the feeling that the horse has learned something.

Catch up with me later on this week, when I will be answering another one of your recent questions.
Talk to you soon!
Maria Schaub

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

How do you know when you are ready to "move up" from the B circiut to the A circuit

Recently, a question from a young rider asked how one can know whether it is time to "move up" from the B circuit shows to the A circuit shows. Initially, this may seem like a simple question but the factors which influence such a decision can be quite complex and involve the support and cooperation of all the parties involved.

First, any "move up" that a young rider might consider requires the emotional and financial support and consideration of their parents and/or caregivers, the input and guidance of their trainer and a serious level of dedication by the rider.
Second, in many parts of the United States, participating in the A circuit means several hours of traveling to and from shows and the possibility of overnight or weekends stays.
Third, a junior rider requires the support and commitment of their school since most riders on the A circuit are required to miss school to participate in horse shows.

Catch up with me later this week for another update on WEF and some more answers to your questions.
Talk to you then!
Maria Schaub

Sunday, February 11, 2007

Winter Equestrian Festival, 2/11/2007

Hi everyone!
I would like to acknowledge the enormous help given to me thus far during WEF by my trainers and those who train and own the horses I have been catch riding during the circuit. Every day here begins quite early, around 6:00am, and ends approximately twelve to thirteen hours later.

Although most people would consider the long days work, the requirements of the day are a comfortable spot and hardly seem like a requirement or a chore. Each day is a gift where I am fortunate to learn a great deal about horses and all they do require. For this, I'm grateful.

Today, was my second show in the Small Junior Hunters, ages 16-17, on EL Raymond, a beautiful chestnut gelding. We had a breakthrough day full of great learning experiences. We seem to be getting better and better each time out and I was really proud of him today.

I'll be in touch real soon with another update.
Maria Schaub