Monday, January 19, 2009


Hi, everyone, I wanted to catch up with you and give you an update, now that the first two weeks of the circuit are over.

I've been in Wellington since just before Christmas, working for Frank Madden Show Stable at Hunters Moon Farm. Since the circuit began, I have had the opportunity to show some of the customer's horses and some sale horses in the schooling division with the future possibility of showing those sale horses in some jumper classes later on in the circuit. In addition, I have continued to teach lessons and train horses. The spring 2009 college semester will begin this week and I will resume studying while I am working.

In comparison to the 2008 winter circuit, there is a noticeable decrease in the number of entries in most of the divisions at the horse show. The number of weeks in the circuit increased last year and there is a possibility that either this week or next week the number of entries will go up. The recent downturn in the US economic situation and the global economy appears to be having a direct effect on the number of equestrians competing here this year.

The response to the new format used for the last blog entry prompted me to continue the format for this month. Your feedback and questions are truly appreciated!


Instead of participating in college riding opportunities, and after discussing the options available with my parents and my trainer, I decided to become a professional and work while attending college. Because I had determined, after conferring with those whose opinions I value, that my current situation was the way I would continue the pursuit of my equestrian goals, I began to develop some riding goals that are realistic, for me, in terms of time and motivation. However, the IHSA and the NCAA programs have a great deal to offer those riders who may choose that route during their college years. Some riders that I had gotten to know while competing as a junior, have chosen to participate in college riding programs. Many of them have said that they enjoyed the team aspect of college riding and have felt that competing on many different horses was a valuable learning experience.


In the late June, early July 2001 time frame, when I was twelve years old, my trainers thought I was ready for the challenge of moving from the three foot equitation to the big eq while horse showing in Lake Placid. My parents had leased a horse for me that year that had helped another student from Beacon Hill make the same transition in the previous year. I was really happy to enter classes with the older students in the barn and watching them ride helped me with my riding. Looking back, it was a such a great opportunity to be able to show in the big eq as early as I did and with the help of my parents and trainers that year, I was able to qualify for and show in the USEF Medal finals in Harrisburg.

Thank you for your continued support and questions!
Talk to you later
Maria Schaub


At Wed Jan 21, 07:02:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for this latest informative post! I'm sure you have probably answered this or another similar question in your past blogs but I was just wondering, do your future equestrian goals involve riding internationally if given the chance, or are you hoping to stay a more nationally recognized rider and trainer, possibly even teaching future medal/maclay contenders? Either one is obviously a very great profession!

At Sun Jan 25, 01:18:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Do you feel like you will always stay close with frank in a business perspective since he has helped you tremendously as a junior and also now in your professional career.

At Thu Jan 29, 07:41:00 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi, whats up? I have a question, could you lease a horse for the Maclays and still be fine? And if so where could I get one?

At Sat Jan 31, 12:04:00 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey Maria,
Sounds like you are doing great. My question is, how do you make the change from junior to pro? How do people know that your avalible for catch rides?

At Sun Feb 22, 07:33:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

you are so great!!!!i am 14 and dont have a horse,but want to start showing rated hunters and Eq classes.My other problem i dont have the money to buy a made EQ horse.

I also dont ride at a big show barn like Beacon Hill,So we dont go to a lot of rated shows.The barn is 15 minuets from HITS in saugerties to.We have a trainer at the barn but she lives in the she only coaches at shows.She has a Thoughbred and she said I could show him this year but he is a jumper.

My parents dont take to the barn offen (1 or 2 x's a week)So its not like I can ride him a lot.

Any advice would be great!!!free to contact me at


At Sun Feb 14, 05:29:00 PM, Anonymous Mary said...

Hi Maria!
I've got a question: Can you show succesfully at a decently reconigzed level with a not fancy horse?

At Sun Dec 16, 08:25:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

My daughter just turned 12 yr old has been riding for 5 yrs. Has moved up from ponies in at A rated shows and moved up to 3 ft in 1 years time. She will be showing in Wellington to try to qualify for THIS and WIHS eq. finals. She has lessoned with Stacia Madden and Nona Garson and they have told me she is a natural. In your opinion is it necessary to have a well known EQ trainer at the in gate in order to get noticed or is it sheer talent?


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