Sunday, December 17, 2006

Horsemastership Clinic with George Morris

Hi, everyone!

The Herpes outbreak in Wellington, Florida, can be eradicated if the horses are handled with proper hygiene, exercised in a controlled setting and self-contained until the quarantine is lifted. The vetenarians handling the situation have previous experience with the illness and were successful at stopping the spread of the virus. The situation is being closely monitored by the proper authorities.
Now, we need to pray, sit and wait.

The first in a series of blogs about the Horsemastership program with George Morris scheduled for January 15-20, 2007, Palm Beach Polo, Wellington, this blog will briefly talk about training with George Morris and my own thoughts about him.

Energy and determination are the words often used to describe the great George Morris. What can be learned from a man who has the influence to shape the show jumping world as we know it today? He is a leader who understands the winning edge and, who has specific goals for our Olympic team and the future show jumpers of our country. He has the drive, the dreams, the skill and the ambition to be prestige-conscious which has positively influenced our current Olympic team.

So what is it about his experiences that are so interesting to someone like me? He is persistent and passionate, a person who has the ability to stay focused on a task until it is complete and that, as well as his highly regarded accomplishments, directly influences my excitement about my "first" training session with him in January.

The next blog will cover more of my thoughts about the sessions in January.

Talk to you soon!
Maria Schaub

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

What divisions do you ride in and do you do the jumpers?

Hi, everyone! Today I will answer some of your recent questions.
In December 2000, I started riding at Beacon Hill Show Stables doing the mini- equitation classes. In July 2001, Frank Madden, my trainer, said I was ready to compete in the big eq classes (the 3'6" to 3'9"). Competing at a new level was a challenge that I eagerly accepted. That same year in August, my trainers gave me the opportunity to show a really cool horse named Franco in the children's jumpers (also 3'6"). Later in the year, I went to Harrisburg to compete at medal finals and loved having the chance to participate at a national competition.
In 2003, a Beacon Hill customer wanted to sell a children's jumper and I was luckily given the opportunity to show a horse named Concord about a dozen times that year, and we qualified for the NAL finals at Harrisburg. Also that year, I first rode Whimsey, a sale horse who was eventually purchased by my family.
In 2004, I showed in the Equitation, and sparingly in the Junior Jumpers and the Junior Hunters on other sale horse opportunities. That year, my catch riding experiences started to increase, and I tried to learn something from each horse.
I have been fortunate to get catch rides from some great, experienced professionals who have taught me some effective riding strategies while providing a golden opportunity to a working student.
Currently, with my last junior season upon me, the opportunity to show my trainers' horse, Marga, in the High Junior Jumper division (meter 40- 4'6" to 4'9") is an exciting prospect. In 2005, I rode Marga in the low junior jumpers and in the summer of 2006 we competed in the open jumper division at the Beacon Hill Classic and did the High Junior Jumpers at Lake Placid and at the Hampton Classic, as well as a few other shows. After my junior career has ended, I hope to continue in show jumping and in the hunters.
Thank you for your interest in my riding.
Talk to you soon!
Maria Schaub