Sunday, April 22, 2007

The Four Seasons Horse Show in New Jersey

This past weekend, many of the Beacon Hill equitation riders traveled only an hour and fifteen minutes to the Four Seasons Horse Show.
When traveling in the car, it was hard not to notice the very comfortable landscape and picturesque country side of southwest New Jersey and with the weather being practically perfect, it was a ten plus day! All of the juniors were happy to be competing again and to be at a local venue. The horse show organizer and the show manager are New Jersey and Pennsylvania horseman that I have known for almost nine years, so it was good to see them and to ride at their show.
One of the highlights of the weekend was watching the younger students doing the mini-equitation classes and, later, I was reminiscing about my own start with Beacon Hill in the equitation in 2000.
My next blog will attempt to answer another one of your recent questions.
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Maria Schaub

Qualities of a good Equitation horse

Hi, everyone!
The last week or so, I was quite busy! First, my mother and I drove back to Wellington from Tampa. Once we arrived, I met with my tutors to finish my third quarter school assignments.
Then, I cleaned and packed up the apartment and drove home with my dad. After a long drive, and once again at home, it was back to riding, helping out at the barn and some additional school work.

Recently, someone asked about the characteristics of a good equitation horse and, today, this blog will attempt to give you my perspective on that question.

There are integral characteristics which define a good equitation mount. A horse's overall attractiveness and eye appeal are essential to the good picture, yet this quality is not the most important. The horse should have a large, yet adjustable stride. Ideally, the horse should be brave, very alert and have a smooth jump.

Although the horse and it's individual qualities can vary, in order to be a real "stand out" and attract the attention of many, one or more of the qualities mentioned needs to be in the above average to superior range for an individual horse to be considered a top of the line competitor.
Next time, I will give you an update on the Four Seasons Horse show.
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Maria Schaub

Monday, April 09, 2007

WEF Tampa 2007

I was really happy with how the Tampa shows ended up. The mornings started around 6:00 am and ended as late as 7:30 pm. El Raymond, I Toon and Marga were amazing! I have so much appreciation for these wonderful horses! I catch rode some really cool hunters and a low junior jumper and, the experience was truly rewarding. Looking back on WEF 2007, I was very lucky to have supportive family, trainers, and friends.

Watching the Invitational was so much fun and has always been a special highlight of the circiuit. My friend, Brianne Goutal, was one of the thirty qualified riders, and it was so exciting to watch her out there amongst the top riders in our sport.

For now, the riders, horses and trainers from Beacon Hill will take a needed rest from the show ring.

Some of the up and coming shows that I will be reporting about will include Four Seasons, Hunter Farms, Garden State, and Devon.

Thank you for all of your comments!
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Maria Schaub