Monday, February 26, 2007

Update Winter Equestrian Festival 2007

It is late February 2007, and the WCHR Hunter week at WEF has just ended. Most of the juniors from Beacon Hill participated in either the equitation and/ or the hunters and all in all we had a good show. After several weeks of competition, the jumpers were given a well deserved weekend off .

I Toon (barn name, Belle) is the mare I've been privileged to show in the equitation since the end of January. Belle is a young horse with a great mind and a lot of talent but she is new to the show ring and the equitation division in general. She made some great progress this weekend and I'm really proud of the way she is coming along. Since young horses acquire new skills at their own unique and individual rate, the rider's patience and understanding during the process is very important. In my opinion, the greatest reward comes from the feeling that the horse has learned something.

Catch up with me later on this week, when I will be answering another one of your recent questions.
Talk to you soon!
Maria Schaub


At Tue Feb 27, 08:26:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

thanx for anwewring my question about moving up to the A circuit! You inspire me so much! Money is defintly an issue in my family becuase my parents don't make a huge sum of money and my sister shows too. that makes just about every expensive deatail double with a sibling! I know you don't remember, but you answered one of my emails about me showing a pony in 2 foot last summer and i played your words over in my head when i rode a lot. we placed 5th in equitation at the end of the year for the overall points! I'm doing 2 foot again this year on another pony and going for the grand champion in equ. this time. then i might get to move up to 2'3" and start showing some A circuit shows next year! anyway, i just wanted to say that u r my role model and i hope u have a great year and you make it to the maclay! You ROCK!


At Wed Feb 28, 03:53:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey Maria
I always read your blog, and I watched you on Horsepower. I wanted to say thanks for making time to do this blog for those of us who can't afford to show on the A curcuit every weekend. You're a great rider and I wish the best to you and your horses.

At Fri Mar 02, 04:12:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

are you going to garden state this year?

At Sun Mar 04, 05:38:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

you are soo lucky to beable to afford what you are doing. and being able to train with a BNT. wow your really lucky, do you have to work at all to pay all your fees?

At Mon Apr 02, 02:40:00 AM, Blogger Jennifer said...

Hello Maria,
I watched you on TV. I feel lucky cause I see your blog today.You are a really good rider. I will tell more about you to my friends I made on I belive more and more will read your blog later. Good luck to you!


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