Monday, March 02, 2009

A Week with Frank Madden

I thought you all might like to read this series of articles by Terri Young, the 2008 winner of a week with Frank Madden (Maria's boss!). You can also enter now for your chance to win a week with John & Beezie Madden. Go for it!
--Kate Lindon, Content Manager


At Thu Jul 09, 12:55:00 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I know that this has nothing to with this article but i just wanted to say that i think you are an amazing rider and i just got the Horse Power dvd for my 13th birthday about 2 months ago and i watch it every night and right brefore my riding lessons to just remeber a few of Frank maddens pointers. I really liked you out of all the Horse power people even though i think that all of you guys are amazing! just because my horse was injured and sadly will not recover in the way that i will make him suitale for showing again. so i ride whatever horse my trainer has avaible and i relate to you kinda like at the Maclay finals where Amigo was sold a couple of weeks before the Maclay finals and i know that if he didnt get sold that you to wold have proboly made it into the top 10 or in the top 3 because you too were so amazing together!! i had to go to a horse show on a horse that i had only ridden once before and didnt do that well but anyways i feel like i relate to you. I think that you are an amazing riding and please still keep writing these blogs because i think that they are excellent!!!!
Maria's Schaubs biggest fan ever!!! kenzie


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