Monday, November 27, 2006


Hi everyone!
Hope you had a great Thanksgiving.
Today will be a summary of what goes on at the barn after the close of the indoor season.

In early November, when the big indoor shows are finished, Beacon Hill tends to take a break from an active horse show schedule. The break is good for the horses, riders and trainers. It gives everyone a chance to rest, take lessons, and have some down time before the up and coming show season.

Frank and Stacia like to discuss goals and objectives with the students and their parents for the new year. Setting year long goals can be a critical part of student success in and out of the show ring.

I think it is good to realize the significance of time at home and, in my mind, I see it as a time to go "back to the drawing board." It is so nice to be home!

My next blog will answer one of your recent questions.
It is good to hear from all of you!
Talk to you soon.
Maria Schaub

Thursday, November 23, 2006



Hope you have a great holiday and, enjoy your family, and your friends.

We all need to pray for our soldiers and those less fortunate then us.

My next blog will be about Beacon Hill preparing for the new show
season beginning on 12/01/06.

Talk to you soon.

Maria Schaub

Sunday, November 19, 2006

The George Morris Horsemastership Training Session

At the Syracuse Horse Show in early November, I was selected with seven other riders to participate in a training session which will be held January 15-20, 2007. The other riders selected were Sloane Coles, Evan Coluccio, Hillary Dobbs, Nick Haness, Charlie Jayne, Maggie McAlary, and Alex Maida.

The selection criteria for the class was as follows: the top three year end ranked riders from the Bates Equitation ranking; a top ranked rider on the Bates Equitation ranking from the West Coast; the winners of the USEF Talent Search Finals, East and West; the winner of the Individual Gold Medal Show Jumping at North American Young Riders; and the USEF National Junior Jumper Champion.

The session is being hosted by the United States Equestrian Federation and Stadium Jumping Inc., and presented by Bates.
The class includes instruction by George Morris. The week long session also includes Dressage for the Show Jumping rider; conformation; veterinary care; and stable mangagement.

I feel priviledged and honored to be able to receive guidance from the Chef d'Equipe of the United Equestrian Team. The hosts and sponsors have set up a program which will help prepare young riders for the "real deal".

I would like to thank the hosts and the sponsor for the opportunity to partake in this exciting new program.
Talk to you soon!
Maria Schaub

Thursday, November 16, 2006

Update 11/16/2006

Since the show in Syracuse, most of my days have been centered around completing school work and finishing my college applications. Now that the pile of work has gone down to a certain extent, thought it would be a good idea to touch base with you and give a short update.

The Beacon Hill riders and trainers are all getting ready for the 2007 show season!

I'm putting a blog together about the George Morris Horsemanship training session, scheduled for January 15-20, 2007 in Wellington, Florida, that I will be lucky enough to attend. The event is sponsored by Bates Australia and the United States Equestrian Federation and will be hosted by Stadium Jumping and take place on the WEF show grounds. Talk to you soon!
Maria Schaub

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

ASPCA Maclay 11/4 & 11/5

Hi everyone!

Just wanted to give you my wrap up on the 2006 Maclay finals.

Saturday, the first round started at 6:30 a.m. The 148 juniors navigated a course that had several turns and two in-and-outs.

After round one, the judges called back 36 to flat. After the first two phases, Whimsey and I were sitting in 12th place coming into the second day.

Saturday afternoon, I showed Marga in a team class with other juniors, amateurs, and professionals. Marga was great! We had a very fast time but we had the last jump down.

Unfortunately on Sunday, when approaching the next to last fence, I did not collect enough and had a rail. It was an honor to be in the top 25 at the final!

So far, my junior riding career has been a great learning experience, and I look forward to more in 2007.

Talk to you soon!
Maria Schaub

Monday, November 06, 2006

Results: 2006 ASPCA Maclay Finals

Results: ASPCA Maclay National Championship, Nov. 4-5:
Rider, Horse
1. Maggie McAlary, Chagall
2. Julie Welles, Sander
3. Jennifer Waxman, Falcon
4. Nick Haness, Landano
5. Sloane Coles, Papillon 136
6. Addison Phillips, Talisman
7. Adrienne Dixon, Tarantino
8. Mallory Olson, Patriot
9. Nikko Ritter, Double O Seven
10. Tina Dilandri, RSVP
11. Katie McDaniel, Casino
12. Jacqueline Lubrano, Versace
13. Zazou Hoffman, Littlefoot
14. Kimberly McCormack, Sundance
15. Victoria Birdsall, Baheera
16. Hannah Selleck, Truffle
17. Eleanor Kunsman, Triumph
18. Lucy Davis, Hearts on Fire
19. Hillary Dobbs, Aaron
20. Nicole Husky, Altobelli
21. Henry Pfeiffer, Justinian
22. Heather Dobbs, Raven
23. Maria Schaub, Whimsey
24. Elizabeth Lubrano, Golou II
25. Nicholas Dello Joio, Vintage

For more on the Maclay finals, check out's coverage of the Syracuse Invitational.