Sunday, November 19, 2006

The George Morris Horsemastership Training Session

At the Syracuse Horse Show in early November, I was selected with seven other riders to participate in a training session which will be held January 15-20, 2007. The other riders selected were Sloane Coles, Evan Coluccio, Hillary Dobbs, Nick Haness, Charlie Jayne, Maggie McAlary, and Alex Maida.

The selection criteria for the class was as follows: the top three year end ranked riders from the Bates Equitation ranking; a top ranked rider on the Bates Equitation ranking from the West Coast; the winners of the USEF Talent Search Finals, East and West; the winner of the Individual Gold Medal Show Jumping at North American Young Riders; and the USEF National Junior Jumper Champion.

The session is being hosted by the United States Equestrian Federation and Stadium Jumping Inc., and presented by Bates.
The class includes instruction by George Morris. The week long session also includes Dressage for the Show Jumping rider; conformation; veterinary care; and stable mangagement.

I feel priviledged and honored to be able to receive guidance from the Chef d'Equipe of the United Equestrian Team. The hosts and sponsors have set up a program which will help prepare young riders for the "real deal".

I would like to thank the hosts and the sponsor for the opportunity to partake in this exciting new program.
Talk to you soon!
Maria Schaub


At Sun Jan 07, 08:06:00 PM, Blogger vicky said...

Maria,Hi I am a local trainer on the west coast of Florida.I have some students that would love to come watch the clinic ,but I can't get much info on it.I would really like to get an itenary ,so I know what days would be best for my student.I have emailed a few people ,but have gotten no response.Is there any way you can help?? Thanks,Vicky


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