Monday, January 21, 2008


Hi, everyone!

The Wellington circuit started last week and my days have been filled with working, riding and trying to absorb everything I can about horse care and the horse industry.
Recently, someone asked whether I would be taking lessons from other professionals.
My answer is unequivocally, yes - as much as possible! I want to learn as much as I can and when the opportunity presents itself, I would be eager and excited to learn by taking a lesson.

Speaking of lessons, this week marks the beginning of a special and wonderful opportunity for myself and seven of my peers, the participation in the George Morris Horsemastership Training Session. Today, all of the riders set up their horse's stalls, brought in the necessary supplies and essentials, as well as transported their horses to the special designated tent at the South grounds, (formerly Littlewood Farm) in Wellington. Frank Madden, who will be one of the mentor grooms during the week long program, was kind enough to secure an opportunity for me to ride a seven year old, named Caruso, in the clinic this week.

Tonight, all the riders, trainers, their parents as well as the administrators, supporters and sponsors of the clinic, were invited to a reception in honor of this week's special program. John Madden, equestrian coach, organizer of the Syracuse Invitational Sport horse Tournament, and the innovator of the week long program, spoke initially about his vision for the clinic and, then, he introduced the Olympic Coach, George Morris. Mr. Morris spoke to the crowd about the importance of horsemanship while acknowledging it's historical significance and foundation in several of the grassroots equestrian organizations in the United States. His speech was clearly an inspiration for those who were privileged to be in attendance.

If you can travel to Wellington, Florida, this week, be sure to audit the program, for free!
Catch up with me tomorrow for some thoughts about the first full day of the clinic.
Thanks for your continued support.
Talk to you later.
Maria Schaub


At Tue Jan 22, 07:26:00 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Good Luck! I purchased the Horsemanship DVD that showed last years Clinic and i loved it!!

At Tue Jan 22, 07:27:00 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Would you like to start your own show stable one day?


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