Sunday, January 07, 2007

Leaving 1/12 for Horsemastership Training

Hi, everyone!

On January 15-20, 2006, the Horsemastership Training session will be held at Stadium Jumping, Wellington, Florida.

For those who will either attend or audit, the sessions will provide a great foundation and learning experience which will hopefully become part of a more comprehensive training program in the United States.

This will be my first experience training with George Morris who is reportedly a tough yet an enlightening teacher. Of course, when looking forward to participating in the class, I have a sense of excitement, some pre-show nervousness, and some sense of how a special comaraderie will develop among the riders who participate.

My next blog will be on Monday, January 15, 2006, and I will give you an update about the first day of the sessions.

Talk to you soon!

Maria Schaub


At Sat Jan 13, 10:13:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

i'm so glad u r continuing ur blog in 2007! i luv reading about everything u guys do! i just went through a lot at my barn. my best friend sold her pony and moved to another barn, a lesson horse died and the pony i used to show, blue, has founder! plus, i'm trying to get my future show pony in shape for the first show of the season in feb. i do luv most of the changes though. anyway, i just always look forward 2 reading ur blog and thanx for keeping it going!

- a.a.e

At Fri Jan 19, 04:14:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Maria,
I love you !!
YOu you'r lick my idol!!!!
I was woundering if you had IM?
IF so what is your screen name. i would love to talk to you on time!!!
Well, Have a good day


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